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The Bracketts Farm Charity Garden

The Bracketts Charity Garden is beginning preparations for its 6th season. All produce grown in the Garden is donated to those in need through the Louisa Food Pantry. The-Food-Bank-a-Busy-PlaceWith so many of our county residents in need, we hope to exceed our goal of 8,000 pounds of fresh produce. Your help is very important to the success of this effort.

How ?

Your group, business, family, church or friends can get together to help with a single crop or more. Some crops are short season. Squash and cucumbers for example. Some are long season, tomato in particular. Our vegetables are succession planted and this year, we plan to employ “high tunnel” techniques to extend the growing season well into late Fall. There is always daily work to be done. You or your group can sign up for a single day.

What ?

Garden-Tomatos-CornIn the Charity Garden we grow:

Tomato – corn – beans – squash – cucumbers – greens – peppers - herbs - flowers - cotton - and even broom corn. We demonstrate Monacan Indian style gardening with “Three Sisters” agriculture, we have a Colonial Kitchen Garden, some Hill Gardens, raised bed gardens, and container gardens.

Where ?

Bracketts Farm is in the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District.
Look around this website for information about the farm and you’ll find the place to sign up to be a Friend of Bracketts Farm. Simply complete the brief form to request a visit to see the garden. We love to share this beautiful place.