The Elisabeth Aiken Nolting Charitable Foundation

Elisabeth Nolting purchased Bracketts Farm in 1958 after the death of her uncle, Carl H. Nolting. Nolting had purchased the farm in 1903 shortly before he became Louisa's representative in the House of Delegates.

Elisabeth wanted the farm to be preserved in perpetuity so she took three important steps to ensure her vision would be carried out.

Main house

She established the Charitable Foundation, a 501(C)(3) organization under Internal Revenue Service guidelines, which was to receive the property upon her death.

She established an endowment to allow the farm to continue to operate.

And she signed a permanent deed of trust, granting scenic, architectural, historic, and cultural easements to Historic Green Springs, Inc., which, in turn, conveyed these easements to the United States of America.

Foundation Mission
Preserve Bracketts Farm in perpetuity as a working farm, economically viable and guided by responsible stewardship of the farm's land and improvements, guided by the farm's 200+ year historic traditions.

Foundation Objectives
1. To respect and further the preservation aims of the easements governing Bracketts Farm and the Green Springs National Historic Landmark District.

2. To operate as a working farm, while contributing practical and scientific knowledge about the viability of small scale farming.

3. To benefit and educate the public regarding the historical, architectural, and environmental significance of Bracketts and Green Springs. And, the importance of protecting them against the ravages of overdevelopment, industrialization, and pollution.

4. To sustain and grow the Foundation's endowment.

5. To create an advisory board of "Friends of Bracketts Farm" wherein Individuals may contribute their talents.

The Foundation is governed by a board of directors that meets regularly to manage the farm according to Elisabeth Nolting's wishes.

The Central Virginian obituaries for Elisabeth Aiken Nolting and Carl Henry Nolting are printed here.