Bracketts Farm in central Virginia dates from the late 18th century and lies in the heart of the Green Springs National Historic District.

Run by the Elisabeth Aiken Nolting Charitable Foundation, the goal is to encourage sustainable and responsible stewardshhip of land in a deep historical tradition.

The farm serves as a focus for the Green Springs National Historic District which encompasses over 14,000 acres in the piedmont of central Virginia. It is a gateway to other areas within the district -- mostly comprised of large family farms, their fields and intermitent woodlots and ponds. The homes and farms are a continuum of Virginia rural vernacular architecture, reflective and respectful of their location, preserved in their original context with little alteration. Here the landscape has been enhanced, rather than despoiled, by the presence of civilization.

We invite you to help us preserve this irreplaceable property -- join the Foundation, sign up for the [forthcoming] Newsletter, volunteer to help in some capacity, and contribute what you can.

Special Event!

Bracketts will host the 146th Anniversary Event of the Battle of Trevilian Station
June 12-13, 2010

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