A Working Farm

The Foundation strives to operate Bracketts as a working 515 acre farm, while contributing practical and scientific knowledge about the viability of small scale farming.

Although the animals are no longer owned by the Foundation, the farm is still home to a Black Angus beef herd as well as a Tarentaise bred herd of 200+ animals that exemplifies "best practice" in raising grass-fed cattle. Tarantaise bred cattle grow well on grass and are known for their gentle disposition.

Angus herd memberMore of the herd

The herd was purchased by a former employee of Bracketts, Irvin White,  and the herd continues to thrive on the lush grass at Bracketts.   Several miles of new fencing have been built this past summer by Irvin and the old fencing has all been removed.   15,000 trees have been planted in and along potential erosion areas.  The cattle have been fenced out of the streams and the lake and their waterers are being improved.  Bracketts grassland, already some of the best around, is being further improved.   Additional farming enterprises are being studied.